Bringing More Joy Into Your Business

What's it about?

Why did you start your business? I assume it's NOT to be working at a desk 24/7 right? My aim is to bring more joy - and this is why...

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May 16, 2021
2 min read

For me, this is the primary goal of everything I do.

I didn’t become a self-employed business owner to feel dragged down and stressed all the time. So bringing joy is important.
The more time I spend in this space. I’ve noticed a trend where business focuses on outcomes like: more money with less time, work smarter, work harder. This would be great if we were robots, but we’re not.

We are flawed human beings - and no matter how hard/fast/smart we work, we will falter and fail - and we are told to “change this”, fix that - it’s all about fixing what’s wrong. Instead of focusing on what we do well.

In my nearly 10 years of running my business, there’s been one consistent theme. When I work with people, whether it's teaching guitar, composing music for video games or supporting clients. The focus is on one thing for me.

Helping people love what they do - instead of trying to “fix them”.

I used to put so much emphasis on getting more things done. Every second mattered. I had to have made the most out of every second of every day.
It’s an endless loop as time always escapes you - however joy is limitless.
However, it’s not just about being happy chappy, everything's wonderful all the time. It’s intentional and when used correctly it has a ton of actual benefits:

  • Keeping You In Flow - if I'm enjoying what I do. I will be in flow within 5mins
  • Increased Focus - I'm easily distracted. My system brings me joy - every day through small things like fun icons and minimal design elements.
  • Reduced Procrastination - Do you ever procrastinate on spending time with friends you love being around? Do you procrastinate on that Netflix show you enjoy watching? Of course not! Because you enjoy it! Joy = endorphins = action.

For me, finding joy in my business was discovering how I enjoy working. Finding the things that make me excited and then figuring out ways of putting that into my business day in day out.
If I’m excited, I do my best work and for me. If I show up and do my very best every day, that's what matters - so I make sure I can find joy in what I'm doing.